Rebecca V.

We worked with Martha for the birth of our second child, and had an amazing experience.  From the first meeting with us, she set us at ease with her calm, knowledgeable approach.  She has a wonderful enthusiasm for supporting families through the birthing process that comes through in each interaction.  Our goal was an unmedicated birth, but I appreciated that she was prepared and open to support a birth with interventions if needed.  On the day I went into labor, Martha was there throughout the day to provide support and help us to determine when it was time to go to the hospital.  Once at the hospital, Martha was our guidepost through each contraction.  She provided just the right amount of coaching and support for both my husband and I!, from arrival through the birth of our daughter.  She stayed after delivery to help with the first breastfeeding, while remaining unobtrusive to allow us to have our first special moments with our new daughter.  We were both grateful to have her there and feel it wouldn't have been as successful without her.  We highly recommend Martha for anyone looking for an experienced doula!

Lauren A.

Martha was an absolute joy to work with during the birth of our first child.  She is well trained, dependable, caring, professional and dedicated to her profession.  We would definitely ask Martha to join our birthing team if we were to expand our family.  Our birth experience was wonderful and having Martha by our side played a large role in it's success.  We would highly recommend her!  

Subha R.

Martha was my doula during the birth of our first baby. She was very supportive, helpful and informative. Since it was our first time becoming parents, we were not sure about what to expect during labor. She gave us lot of information about labor and delivery which made us feel more comfortable during birth. She also gave us suggestions about what to buy for a newborn baby. She was there to support me during the whole birthing process. I would highly recommend choosing her as a doula.

Holly S.

I found Martha when searching on line for a doula in 2012 when I had just moved to Kenosha and didn't know any one.  The first time I met her was at a coffee shop and she instantly became a friend.  She was warm, caring, and supportive person right from the start.  She came to my home a few times to go over diffrent techniques for comfort durring labor, (probably knowing full well that I would forget everything once labor begain,)  but it was very helpfull to know there were lots of tricks available for use including the use of a birth ball, and several diffrent yoga style moves and other positions incorprating my husband to support my weight.  Once labor begain, Martha was the first one to arrive and let her self in and found me up stairs in a bed room with my mother who was in from out of town.  Martha sat behind me on the bed and had me lean against her.  Her cheek was near mine and she wispered suggestions into my ear, like let your breath out with a low slow tone to help the contraction be more comfortable.  It was instantly comforting to rest my entire body weight against someone so calm and secure and peceful, and strong.  Martha has a calm but strong sence about her, wich i found to be exactly what i needed in labor.  As labor continued she continued to suggest positions and techniques.  I found that being lead to change positions at just the right time is a spechial ability that she has. She is very good at reading body language (and my mind:)).  In my case I was giving birth at home and my midwife didn't actually make it to my house untill just after I had given birth.  This would have  been a scary situation for me except that Martha's presence really truly made the experience better.  It was actually Martha and my mom that caught the baby, so that was really special.

Rebecca F.

We partnered with Martha for the birth of our third child. We had a doula with our firstborn and knew that additional support from a trained, professional doula really enhanced our birth experience and improved the outcome. We interviewed several doulas and knew we needed to find someone we 'clicked' with as we would share a very special and intimate moment with them. Martha had just the right mix to meet our needs. Assertive and knowledgeable but also a great listener and able to step back and judge when to jump in. I felt confident she would make a meaningful contribution regardless of the path our birth took. 
Even though I am a third time mom who has pursued lots of information/education about birth, each birth is unique. New things came up this time around and having Martha's support and input was invaluable. During labor and birth, she intuitively provided just what was needed. Whether counter pressure on the right spot, verbal guidance or even knowing when to grab the camera and capture a great moment, Martha was the perfect teammate. I am so grateful for her. 
My first recommendation to anyone preparing for birth is to partner with a doula. And if you are in her service area, Martha should be on your list of doulas to call.